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Nicole Winfield: Refugees Italy and Eu Officials

nicole winfield: Emilio Morenatti / The Associated Press By Nicole Winfield The Associated Press Thu., July 6, 2017 ROME European Union officials on Thursday reaffirmed the need to tackle Europe's migrant crisis in Libya and surrounding countries, amid continued resistance in Europe to welcome refugees, according to Toronto Star. Italy announced some 34 million in new investments aimed at preventing migrants from ever reaching or leaving Libya's lawless shores where smugglers operate. EU officials reaffirmed a controversial plan to tackle Europe's migrant crisis through measures aimed at preventing migrants from reaching or leaving Libya's shores. And EU interior ministers warned they might sanction migrants' home countries with visa restrictions if they refuse to take their people back when their European asylum bids fail. Amid mounting anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe, Italy has increased its complaints that it can no longer shoulder the burden of the migrant crisis alone. Europe's migration crisis was on the agenda at two meetings Thursday an informal EU-wide interior ministers meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, and a meeting in Rome of foreign ministers from Libya, surrounding African countries and selected European partners. ( As reported in the news.