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Longest-Running Children: Lewis and Canadian History

longest-running children: Now living in B.C., Lewis recently tried to renew his driver's licence and was informed by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia that he was short a piece of primary ID. So, I decided to apply for a permanent resident card, he said in a statement, according to Metro News. After all, that's what I was! Lewis arrived in Canada with his parents at the age of three. The actor posted about his ordeal on Facebook Lewis used to live in Calgary while filming the show, which ran 1967 to 1997 and is one of the longest-running children's shows in Canadian history. Canada Immigration and Citizenship CIC required evidence that he entered Canada through proper channels, so Lewis provided a copy of his British birth certificate, punched Landed Immigrant cards for his parents and part of the ship's log of the RMS Aquatania, which they travelled in. Supplied Neither the immigration card for Lewis's mother or father pictured included his name. He was not issued an immigration card because of his age. ( As reported in the news.