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Law School: Name Joe and End Discrimination

law school: When a friend of his called, the call was returned within minutes, according to Toronto Star. Why Well, my student's name was Mohamed. At the time, he said the move would 'assist in our fight to end discrimination and attain real equality in our country.' Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star By Faisal Kutty Tues., July 4, 2017 Having found the perfect rental property near the law school, a student of mine could not get a call back from the landlord despite repeatedly leaving messages. His friend used the name Joe. A CBC Marketplace segment from last year, for example, explored the idea of implicit bias affecting shoppers, apartment-seekers and job-hunters across Canada, finding that those with foreign-sounding names tended to face challenges that the Joes of the country did not. Many Canadians with non-Anglicized names can speak of similar experiences. ( As reported in the news.