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Kathleen Weil: Quebec Mosque

kathleen weil: Also on Thursday, a Quebec nationalist group distributed anti-immigration stickers around the city of Sherbrooke, 150 kilometres east of Montreal, according to CTV. The group, which describes itself as a federation of old-stock Quebecers, had been passing around the stickers for the past few days. Kathleen Weil was in Montreal to talk about her government's plan to launch public consultations on systemic racism, but her announcement came the same day a sign appeared in a small Quebec town describing the village as for white people only. All these heinous acts are unacceptable in a society, she said. Last week, Quebec City's mosque received hateful messages in the mail that reminded people of the shooting that took place there in January that left six men dead. They are hurtful and affect me personally. ( As reported in the news.