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Immigration Tribunal: Seneca College and Spy Agency

immigration tribunal: In 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency initiated the revocation of Wang's permanent resident status claiming he was inadmissible for allegedly engaging in espionage activities for the Military Intelligence Bureau MIB Taiwan's spy agency, and China's Ministry of State Security MSS . According to border enforcement officials' submissions to the immigration tribunal, Wang was offered money by a Taiwanese student Mak at York to provide information on the Chinese government, according to Toronto Star. Over the course of time, he was alleged to have received 3,000 for his services. Yang Wang, 39, came to Canada from China as an international student in 1998, first at Seneca College and later at York University, before he became a permanent resident here in 2006. When Wang visited China in 2006, Canadian authorities claimed, he was taken to a motel by Chinese agents and later kept in touch with the MSS agents up until 2010. I have never been a spy. Article Continued Below This is totally wrong, Wang, a small businessman in recycling and father of two, told the Star in an interview. ( As reported in the news.