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Immigration Agents: Immigrants Meeting and Executive Policy

immigration agents: He was hoping to stay under an executive policy started in the Obama administration which grants young immigrants meeting certain criteria temporary relief and a chance to get a work permit or study, according to Metro News. According to the lawsuit, Pedrote was stopped by Chicago police in January 2011 after he left a relative's house and got into his car. Luis Vicente Pedrote-Salinas, 25, was brought to the country when he was 5 years old and doesn't have legal permission to stay, according to the lawsuit. Police spotted an unopened can of beer in the cup holder and took him into custody. Months later, immigration agents allegedly acting on the information from the database, raided Pedrote's home. Charges were dismissed, but officers said in the police report that they were assigned to the area as part of a gang suppression mission and claimed Pedrote was a Latin Kings member. ( As reported in the news.