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Graham Hughes: Quebec Nation

graham hughes: Indeed, because Quebec has not yet signed the Constitution, one must realize that the Quebec nation is still not officially part of a federation in which even the most federalist Quebecers feel exiled, according to Toronto Star. This is why Premier Philippe Couillard rightly took advantage of this historic opportunity to embark on a wide-ranging dialogue on Quebec's place within Canada. Graham Hughes / THE CANADIAN PRESS By Fabrice Rivault Sun., July 23, 2017 As Canadians celebrate the 150th birthday of their federation, Quebecers find it difficult to commemorate with the same enthusiasm as their compatriots in the rest of the country. Surely, one man alone will never be able to impose his views on the future of Quebec and that of the other provinces. But as we saw during this week's annual meeting of the premiers, it won't stop this important discussion from taking place. In that sense, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's immediate dismissal of the idea was quite regrettable. ( As reported in the news.