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Graham Hughes: Core Value and Technology Role-Models

graham hughes: Lost amid the ensuing fanfare is the fact that Canada's spacefarers remain an exclusively white group, a disappointing and disturbing pattern for a country that advertises diversity as a core value, and presents astronauts as the future, and as science and technology role-models for all Canadians, according to Toronto Star. To be clear, both Sidey and Kutryk appear to be highly-qualified and very solid choices for roles in space. Graham Hughes / THE CANADIAN PRESS By Jordan Bimm Sun., July 9, 2017 Amid the sesquicentennial celebration in Ottawa earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directed Canadians to turn toward the future and think about the next one hundred and fifty years before introducing the Canadian Space Agency's newest astronauts, Jennifer Sidey and Joshua Kutryk. Kutryk, an engineer and military test pilot from Alberta, is cut from the same cloth as NASA's original Mercury Seven, and is basically Chris Hadfield 2.0. Sidey, also from Alberta, has a PhD in mechanical engineering from Cambridge, and was also a lecturer there specializing in combustion and the physics of fire. He attended the same university and U.S. Air Force test pilot school as Hadfield and even flew in the same RCAF squadron. ( As reported in the news.