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Garland Creedle: Immigration and Honduran-Born u.s

garland creedle: Miami-Dade County, where more than half the population is foreign born, became the only big jurisdiction to give in to President Donald Trump's immigration order punishing so-called sanctuary cities that shield residents from federal immigration authorities, according to Metro News. Cities in California, Massachusetts and Washington have challenged Trump's executive order in court, and a federal judge blocked it in April, at least temporarily. The ACLU and other attorneys filed the lawsuit in Miami on behalf of a Honduran-born U.S. citizen who was held in jail without charges because an immigration officer had requested deportation proceedings. Garland Creedle was arrested March 12 in a case of alleged domestic violence and was due to be released March 13 on bail. Although Creedle is a U.S. citizen, attorneys behind the lawsuit argue that anyone held beyond the closing of a criminal case on an immigration detainer is being unlawfully detained. The 18-year-old was held an additional night on the detainer request before being released March 14 apparently after immigration authorities confirmed his citizenship. ( As reported in the news.