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Dreamstime Tns: Health Care and Trudo Lemmens

dreamstime tns: The initiative is long overdue, but to be effective, it must be broader, backed with adequate enforcement, significant penalties for those who break the law, and further conditions for payment transparency, according to Toronto Star. Sunshine rules only do so much. Dreamstime / TNS By Trudo Lemmens and Paul D. Thacker Fri., July 7, 2017 Ontario's Minister of Health Eric Hoskins recently announced the government may oblige the pharmaceutical industry to disclose all payments to physicians. We must examine the damage done by industry-related financial conflicts of interests on health care, and restore integrity that wins back the public's trust. Studies find that financial ties between doctors and industry lead to over-diagnosis of disease a process called disease mongering and over-prescription.A recent analysis even found that the more money a doctor receives, the more likely that physician is to prescribe expensive brand name drugs. Physician sunshine rules address problems that have been extensively examined. ( As reported in the news.