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Distaff Tennis: Alastair Grant and Johanna Konta

distaff tennis: Thus the straining labours of Johanna Konta and Simona Halep were profoundly visible in their riveting quarter-final match Tuesday, according to Toronto Star. While the women somehow managed, mostly, to keep the tension out of their faces Konta reflexively tightening her ponytail and Halep tugging at her boy-shorts in moments of keen stress they showed chauvinists of the game that distaff tennis is just as gobsmacking rousing as anything the men can offer. Alastair Grant / The Associated Press By Rosie DiManno Columnist Tues., July 11, 2017 WIMBLEDON Because fashion sensibilities these days apparently dictate that female tennis players should wear the stretchiest, clingiest outfits imaginable, contouring every indented belly button and protruding nipple, we can clearly see the pant-pant-pant of a rib cage expanding and contracting. This was a lulu of an encounter on centre court, where too many marquee women's matches have not been playedwith Konta emerging triumphant in three sets against the pocket-sized Romanian. Regardless of dimensions, these were two extremely fit, strong and agile athletes going head-to-head and will-to-will in a match separated by a handful of converted break points, with neither conceding an inch. Five-foot-six passes for pocket-sized as long-legged specimens increasingly define female tennis. ( As reported in the news.