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Census Form: News Release and People Self-Identify

census form: I'm not sure what sort of peer review process the Fraser Institute follows, but they should be embarrassed, according to Rabble. The report and its associated news release make three dubious and related arguments One The news release leads with the alarmist and misleading claim that, between 1986 and 2011, Canada's indigenous population increased by a staggering 275 per cent. The methodology employed by Flanagan is remarkably shoddy, as I explain below. However, this merely captures how many people self-identify as having Indigenous ancestry to Statistics Canada on the Census form. The report itself acknowledges this important distinction, noting that by far the greatest growth occurred in the categories of M tis and non-status Indian -- meaning, those who identify as Indigenous but have no official status under law as Indian or Inuit. It has no connection to official status under the Indian Act or associated so-called entitlement to public benefits. ( As reported in the news.