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Cast Terminal: Men and Privacy Reasons

cast terminal: Urgences Sant spokesperson Francois Labelle said two of the stowaways were in serious condition and having difficulty breathing, but are all now in stable condition, according to CTV. The men were apparently in the container for three weeks and were suffering from dehydration and heat stroke, he said. The men, between 30 and 40 years old, were found in the Cast Terminal of the Port of Montreal and taken to Santa Cabrini Hospital. Once the men are in better shape, the illegal migrants, all reportedly from Europe, will be taken to a detention centre in Laval while the Canada Border Services Agency continues to investigate them. As this is still under review by the CBSA, and for privacy reasons, we cannot give more information, the CBSA said in a statement. They will check if the men have any connection to terrorist groups. ( As reported in the news.