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Canadian Museum: Canada and Cat

canadian museum: As an immigrant, she remembers a story from her family's first moments moving to Canada, according to Metro News. We brought our cat from Turkey. This year in celebration of Canada 150, the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is telling these stories through the Canada Day 1 exhibit.B ge is a volunteer at Pier 21, and a Turkish immigrant who has been living in Canada officially for the past 10 months. In the airport in Istanbul we were in line with our cat and everyone was pushing and screaming and in a rush. My inner voice said, Look at her, she is greeting even my cat. When we arrived in Toronto airport, the officer said Oh, hello! Welcome to Canada', and she started to speak with our cat before us, and I started to cry because I felt the nice, the kind people in my heart, B ge said. ( As reported in the news.