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Canada Place: Canada Day

canada place: It is going to be the most special Canada Day for me, not one that I'm going to forget, said Funk, who has lived in Canada almost her entire life after moving here from Mexico with her family in 1980 when she was 2 months old, according to Metro News. You don't really give your national identity too much thought until you don't have one. The holiday will take on a new meaning for the 37-year-old Squamish, B.C.-woman this year, when she will be sworn in as a new Canadian at a ceremony at Canada Place in Vancouver, nine years after she was unknowingly stripped of her citizenship. The fireworks on this Canada Day are going to be for me. Until last year Funk did not know that Canada changed its Citizenship Act in 1977, requiring those born outside the country to a foreign-born Canadian parent to reapply for citizenship before their 28th birthday if they were born between Feb. 15, 1977 and April 16, 1981, the date the law was repealed. The entire country is going to be celebrating with me. ( As reported in the news.