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Canada Day: People and Calgary Woman

canada day: At Heni's citizenship ceremony, taking place at the airport on Canada Day, he wanted to honour Indigenous traditions and cultural practices, according to Metro News. It's important because the Indigenous people were the first people living on this land and it's really important to seek their consent to live on their land, he said. Aymen Heni immigrated to Canada four years ago from Tunisia and is married to an Indigenous Calgary woman who has taught him about the traditions of her people and their cultural significance. It's good to feel like I'm welcomed here by the first original people even if it's symbolic it shows respect. In Indigenous culture an individual is honoured with an eagle feather when they've accomplished something great, he said, adding that being presented an eagle feather from an elder is more meaningful in Indigenous culture. Patrick Deranger is a Dene elder and will be performing an opening prayer at the ceremony and then presenting Heni with an eagle feather. ( As reported in the news.