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Birthday Card: Joseph Vieira and Trading Memories

birthday card: El Khatib, 27, arrived from Lebanon in March, making the difficult decision to leave behind his stepmother and siblings after finding out they couldn't all be sponsored as a family, according to Toronto Star. Just days after his arrival, he was adding his name to a panel of a giant 150th birthday card to Canada in the lobby of Mississauga City Hall, which he wandered into on a walk. Steve Russell / Toronto Star By Patty Winsa News reporter Thu., June 29, 2017 Mohammad El Khatib and Joseph Vieira are trading memories of what it's like to immigrate to a country 50 years apart. He went home and told his uncle, I signed for Canada's birthday, to which his uncle replied that he had been here for 24 years and never had an opportunity to do something like that. Article Continued Below At 27, Vieira came to Canada from Portugal in the midst of Canada's 100th birthday celebrations, which had been in the works for years. I said I did,' says El Khatib, laughing. ( As reported in the news.