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Bathroom Bill: Gop Infighting and State Senate

bathroom bill: Frustrations ratcheted quickly in a likely sign of things to come over the next 30 days, during which Abbott says he will be establishing a list of who's with him and who's not, according to Metro News. Conservatives in the state Senate upended decades of precedent by swiftly advancing a regulatory bill that must pass before the Legislature can work on anti-abortion measures, school vouchers and defanging local ordinances in Texas' big and liberal cities. Greg Abbott began Tuesday with loud protests over a revived bathroom bill targeting transgender people, renewed hostilities about a crackdown on immigration and GOP infighting that could keep demands of influential social conservatives again out of reach. Democrats chafed at the break in protocol but only were able to stall it for about an hour. Most attention is on Texas' version of the bathroom bill that's similar to what North Carolina passed last year, only to partially repeal it following economic and political backlash. Later, in the sweltering heat outside the Texas Capitol, many joined protesters in denouncing Abbott's determination to pass 20 measures this summer that would nudge America's biggest red state even further rightward. ( As reported in the news.