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Asylum: Toronto Star and Asylum Hearing

asylum: Others arrived as young adults and are now parents, according to Toronto Star. Many have not seen their families back home for five or six years. NICHOLAS KEUNG / Toronto Star By Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter Thu., July 6, 2017 Some came to Canada for asylum as children and are now finishing high school. On Thursday, these forgotten refugees who have been waiting for an asylum hearing since 2012, held a silent protest in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board headquarters in Toronto, hoping to be heard by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government. We are tired of waiting. It took courage for them to come forward, as many still have loved ones back home facing persecution while others fear repercussions by Canadian officials and the public for demanding rights and justice, said protest organizer David Mateo Camelo, a refugee claimant from Colombia. ( As reported in the news.