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Asylum Process: Asylum and Border Crossings

asylum process: The American Immigration Council and others say Customs and Border Protection has blocked access to the asylum process for hundreds of people at border crossings in California, Arizona and Texas since last year, violating federal law and international treaty obligations, according to The Chronicle Herald. They say U.S. authorities have threatened to take away children from parents who pursue asylum claims and given incorrect explanations, including that the U.S. no longer accepts asylum seekers from Mexico and Central America or mothers with children. Reports of people being denied an opportunity to seek asylum have grown, but the lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles pushes the issue into a courtroom and could have far-reaching consequences if a judge grants class-action status. Customs and Border Protection, which manages border crossings, said it won't comment on pending litigation. The lawsuit says border inspectors consistently and systematically denied that access starting last summer and that the practice continues despite complaints filed in January with the Department of Homeland Security's internal watchdog and civil rights and civil liberties office. Anyone who expresses fear of returning home at U.S. border crossings is referred to an immigration judge after clearing an initial screening with an asylum officer. ( As reported in the news.