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Workers: Contract Employment and Tax System

workers: But the debate highlighted candidates' different approaches to ensuring economic prosperity and protecting the environment, according to Rabble. Singh's economic policies questioned Member of provincial parliament for the Ontario riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton Jagmeet Singh faced questions about his proposed changes to Old Age Security OAS and the current tax system. Candidates unanimously supported protecting workers' pensions when companies declare bankruptcy, helping temporary foreign workers gain Canadian citizenship faster, making it easier for workers to democratically join unions, and protecting workers who rely on precarious and contract employment. Singh proposes to create a Canadian Seniors Guarantee that would combine OAS, Guaranteed Income Supplement GIS the Age Credit and Pension Income Credit. Seniors with low incomes may qualify for the GIS. Guy Caron, member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Basques, asked Singh if his proposed guarantee would be universal, like OAS is. All Canadians older than 65 who meet proper residency requirements can receive OAS. Work history does not affect eligibility. ( As reported in the news.