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Security Screenings: Cases and Tribunal Members

trump administration: U.S. Supreme Court revives parts of Trump travel ban Reuters It is also likely, some immigration lawyers say, to continue pushing immigrants toward Canada, as international students and workers who are worried about their prospects in the United States try the country to the north instead, according to Globe and Mail. Mr. The move ensures the continuation of one of the most divisive battles of the Trump administration, with the White House arguing the bans are intended to guard against terrorism, while civil liberties and immigrants' rights groups contend they are motivated by Islamophobia. Trump brought down his original order in January, banning entry by nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days and blocking refugees from all countries for 180 days. Trump revised it in March, dropping Iraq from the list and carving out exemptions for people who have a U.S. green card. After the federal court struck down that order, Mr. ( As reported in the news.