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Rights: Action Canada

rights: Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights formed in 2014 with the merger of three existing organizations Action Canada for Population and Development, which had an international focus, came together with Canadians for Choice and with the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, both of which were active primarily within Canada, according to Rabble. At the international level, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is an active partner in the Sexual Rights Initiative, a coalition of groups from countries in both the Global North and the Global South working primarily within the United Nations system to advocate for progressive policies on sexual and reproductive rights. They work for Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, an organization that is active on a wide range of issues connected to sexuality, gender, and reproduction, both in Canada and globally. As well, they partner directly with organizations working on these issues in other countries. They offer a 24/7 access and support line that people can call when they face an unintended pregnancy or any sexual health issues. Domestically, they are involved on a number of fronts. ( As reported in the news.