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Lawyer: Lee and Drug Charges

lawyer: The justices sided with South Korean native Jae Lee, who has lived most of his life in the United States, according to Metro News. Lee pleaded guilty to drug charges in 2009 after his lawyer mistakenly assured him he would not be deported. But what if the lawyer is wrong, and deportation is certain The Supreme Court ruled 6-2 Friday that immigrants in those circumstances can have a second chance in court and risk going to trial, even if the prosecution's case is very strong. In fact, Lee, who had been living in the Memphis, Tennessee, area, pleaded guilty to the kind of serious crime that makes deportation near-automatic for noncitizens. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court that Lee can withdraw the guilty plea on drug charges that his lawyer advised him to enter. He was sentenced to a year in prison, but has been behind bars for 7 1/2 years while fighting to withdraw his plea and take his chances at trial, John Bursch, Lee's Supreme Court lawyer, said. ( As reported in the news.