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Law Enforcement: Opening Arguments and Tv Interviews

law enforcement: He thought he could get away with it, prosecutor Victor Salgado said, adding that at least 170 were illegally detained because Arpaio didn't stop, according to Metro News. He never thought this day would come. In opening arguments, prosecutors displayed comments Arpaio made in news releases and during TV interviews in which he bragged about immigration enforcement, aiming to prove that he should be found guilty of misdemeanour contempt of court. Arpaio's defence lawyer vigorously disputed that a person with nearly 60 years in law enforcement would violate a court order, putting the blame on a former attorney who gave bad legal advice. His tactics drew fierce opponents as well as enthusiastic supporters nationwide who championed what they considered a tough-on-crime approach, including forcing inmates to wear pink underwear and housing them in tents outside in the desert heat. Critics hope the eight-day trial in federal court in Phoenix will bring a long-awaited comeuppance for the defiant 85-year-old who led crackdowns that divided immigrant families and escaped accountability. ( As reported in the news.