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Kordofan Province: Sudanese and Tayeb Ibrahim

kordofan province: Tayeb Ibrahim, who has worked to expose Sudanese government abuses in areas it controls in the country's volatile South Kordofan province, was partially blinded after being attacked with acid by Sudanese government agents, and narrowly escaped being brought back to Sudan after being kidnapped in Egypt, according to Metro News. I'm totally depressed. Many said they are not safe in Egypt because Sudanese agents operating in the country under tacit Egyptian approval regularly threaten them and their families, sometimes targeting them with violence. I was approved over a year ago for resettlement, just passed my medical exam last week and was hoping to see family living in Iowa. Sudanese living in Egypt regularly complain of discrimination and harassment, while pro-democracy rights activists and opponents of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir's regime say they face abuses by both Sudanese and Egyptian security forces. But instead I'll be stuck here worried about my physical safety, said the 40-year-old Ibrahim, who like many Sudanese refugees has no travel documents and thus cannot leave Egypt. ( As reported in the news.