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I Need: Video and Butcher Shops

i need: I've got five roommates in this one studio but I never really see them, according to CBC. He referenced the video on Twitter Wednesday, calling it a new video for the times we're in. K'naan's rhymes are heard first I've got one job, two jobs, three when I need 'em. The video shows immigrants sewing American flags in sweatshop-like conditions, working on orchards and in butcher shops, kitchens and hospitals. I had to pinch myself ' Rogue One's Riz Ahmed joins the Star Wars universe Hamilton, remixed Alicia Keys, Jimmy Fallon, other famous fans create 'mixtape' for Broadway hit Other images in the video show families crawling under chain-link fence to escape war conditions, sheltering in a refugee camp, travelling on the rooftop of a train and facing raids from immigration officers. It also highlights the brutal conditions many immigrants flee when they come to countries like Canada and the United States. ( As reported in the news.