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Chinese Restaurant

yuen: What connects the immigrant families that have found their way in Canada through the food industry is how running restaurants have held them together, according to CBC. The Yuen family Restaurant Odd Couple Originally from Hong Kong, China Andy Yuen and Rachel Kong rear with Andy's parents Jane and Sam Yuen. From a small-town Chinese restaurant in Lanigan, Sask., to authentic Mexican in Saskatoon, each family has their own story of why they left their home country and what they left behind. Decades after Jane and Sam moved to Canada to help out at their family's Chinese restaurant in rural Saskatchewan, the family all work together at the Odd Couple restaurant. It was -35 C when Yuen and his parents were met at the Saskatoon airport by his grandmother, grandfather and uncle. Alicia Bridges/CBC News In 1996, a 15-year-old Andy Yuen stepped off a plane from Hong Kong and took his first breath of bitterly-cold Saskatchewan air. ( As reported in the news.