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Immigration Status: Month Period and Sunday Advocates

immigration status: The temporary immigration status was originally issued for an 18-month period, but it got two six-month extensions, with the last one ending this Sunday, according to Metro News. Advocates say Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are still recovering from the outbreak, so it's not safe to go home yet. The Homeland Security Department granted temporary protected status to about 5,000 West Africans in 2014, allowing residents from the most impacted countries to live and work in the U.S. legally until the outbreak was contained, Minnesota Public Radio reported http // . In 2016, the countries were declared Ebola-free. But others say programs designed to be temporary should end. Officials haven't released numbers. African Immigrant Services executive director Abdullah Kiatamba estimated that between 200 and 500 will be affected. ( As reported in the news.