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Canada: Rights and Lawyer Jared

canada: Lawyers representing former immigration detainee Alvin Brown, who was deported to Jamaica last year after spending more than five years in maximum-security jail awaiting his removal, argued that Canada's immigration detention system violates multiple sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, namely the rights not to be indefinitely and arbitrarily detained and to be protected from cruel and unusual treatment, according to Toronto Star. Not only does Canada's current system not protect those rights, lawyer Jared Will told Justice Simon Fothergill, it sanctions their violation. Anne-Marie Jackson / Toronto Star file photo By Brendan Kennedy Staff Reporter Mon., May 15, 2017 The entire system by which Canada indefinitely jails the people it wishes to deport is unconstitutional and should be dramatically redesigned, Federal Court heard on Monday. Maintaining the status quo is unjustifiable and unconstitutional, Will said. Canada's border police agency detains thousands of non-citizens every year if they have been deemed inadmissible to the country and classified as a danger to the public because of past criminal convictions, or unlikely to show up for their deportation. The more complicated question is how to fix it. ( As reported in the news.