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Alvin: Release Conditions and Jamaica

alvin: Brown, 40, came to Canada as a child more than three decades ago, according to CBC. But the government stripped him of his permanent residency after a series of convictions, most of them drug and weapons related. Lawyers for Alvin Brown, who spent five years in maximum-security provincial jails before being deported to Jamaica last fall, are currently arguing before the Federal Court that the man's constitutional rights were violated. He was released from criminal custody in early 2011 and then detained months later for violating release conditions. Landmark challenge to immigration detention Detainee freed after 7 years of 'legal limbo' He's one of thousands of people locked up each year by the Canada Border Services Agency some for a day or two, others for months, and still others for several years. But he languished in immigration custody after Jamaica failed to issue him travel documents. ( As reported in the news.