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Osgoode Hall Law School: Daniel McSweeney

Sean Rehaag Dept: Sean Rehaag, an assistant professor at York University s Osgoode Hall Law School, requested data through Access to Information on all IRB claims heard in 2011 and analyzed the thousands of cases, according to CBC. Rehaag s analysis shows that Daniel McSweeney approved none of the 127 cases he adjudicated in 2011. He joined the IRB in 2007 and had a yes rate of 42.47 per cent that first year. Then his acceptances decreased and analysis of data for 2011 shows that the chance of success of a refugee s plea to stay in Canada can depend on who hears the case at the Immigration and Refugee Board IRB . I feel there is some support for allegations that some people are unlucky, Rehaag said. Sean Rehaag, a law professor at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, says inconsistent decision-making by IRB members means all refugee claimants should have the right to appeal, including those from designated safe countries. Horst Herget Photography ( As reported in the news.