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Mehmet Bogus: Immigration Policy

Canada Dept: It happened to me only once in a couple of decades of observing Canada s immigration policy. And it took me only seconds to spot the guy. The file had bogus written all over it. Indeed, that was exactly the case: The refugee claimant s name was Mehmet Bogus and when I happened to come across the file, I said out loud, So, this is that Bogus Refugee I hear people talking about all the time, according to The Star. As many readers are aware, Kenney and the Conservative government are pushing for even more changes to Canada s refugee-determination system. As Kenney presents it, the changes will help to protect Canada from bogus refugees by declaring that some countries simply don t produce refugees who need Canada s protection and apart from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, there can t be many people out there who are capable of spotting one of those bogus refugees at a glance. No joke, the guy s name was Bogus. What s not funny is that, increasingly, the person responsible for our immigration program and its refugee-determination system can toss around the word bogus with abandon. Furthermore, an elected politician is proposing to give himself dramatic new powers to intervene directly in our refugee-determination process. ( As reported in the news.