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Kevin Rudd

Gillard Dept: Following Kevin Rudd s resignation yesterday, I have formed this view that we need a leadership ballot in order to settle this question once and for all, Ms. Gillard told reporters, keeping composed and trying to contrast Mr. Rudd as a chaotic leader, according to Globe and Mail. Ms. Gillard said she expected Mr. Rudd to stand for the leadership, though he had yet to declare whether he would contest and the Gillard-Rudd rivalry has been brewing since she replaced him as prime minister in a late-night coup in 2010. It burst into the open on Wednesday when Mr. Rudd quit as foreign minister while on a trip to Washington, saying he could no longer work with Ms. Gillard and that she could not win the next election, due next year. For far too long, we have seen squabbling within the Labor Party. Australians are rightly sick of this, and they want it brought to an end, she said. ( As reported in the news.