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David Shore: Hugh Laurie

Gregory House Dept: The series, which airs on Fox and Global, has seen a dip in ratings this season, but still ranks as a top show for both networks. Of course, now that we all know House is closing, how will it all end? But creator-producer David Shore made it clear that House "isn't going to ride off into the sunset with love." So, it's not unfathomable for House to end up back in jail, according to Vancouver Sun and it's been eight years since we first checked into Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for a diagnosis by Dr. House - the infamous doctor with the terrible bedside manner. And come May 21, Hugh Laurie's Dr. Gregory House will hang up his stethoscope for good. On tonight's episode, House faces going back to prison for violating his parole. Remember his Russian bride Dominika? House married her last season so she wouldn't be deported. Tonight, the "couple" have to prove their marriage is legit to immigration. If they fail, House goes back to the big house. FOX, Global - 8 p.m. div ( As reported in the news.