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Conservative Government

House Of Commons Dept: The government will table a bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday that is expected to toughen the measures taken in the Balanced Refugee Reform Act. That bill which passed a minority Parliament in June, 2010, after several concessions were made to the opposition has yet to be implemented. It was due to be up and running by June 29 of this year, according to CBC. Most notably, it will eliminate a key appeal route for claimants from countries that are on a special "designated country of origin" or "safe country" list. It will also eliminate a committee of experts who were to advise the minister on which countries to place on that list. The list, which isn't yet up and running, is designed to fast-track claimants from countries the government determines is "safe" and therefore not likely to generate legitimate claims and the Conservative government is poised to change the refugee system yet again in an attempt to deter what it considers "bogus" claimants, News has learned. Sources familiar with the bill say it will reverse some fundamental compromises the government made to get it approved by opposition MPs. ( As reported in the news.