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Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver

Enbridge Joint Review Panel Dept: Delightful commentaries over the past few days have taken Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver to task for their desperate theories about radical foreign environmentalists and socialist billionaires hijacking the Enbridge Joint Review Panel hearings, according to Vancouver Sun. On the other hand, Environmental Defence reports that all of the intervening environmental organizations are based in Canada, and 79 per cent of those registered to speak are B.C. residents. Given colonial governance over indigenous peoples, Nadleh Whut'en Chief Larry Nooski's quip is most apt "We're not foreign - these are our lands." With President Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL pipe-line yesterday, tarsands lobbyists in Canada are frantically trying to spin-doctor and sell the Enbridge pipeline. These attacks are largely laughable because their hypocrisy is so obvious. The oil industry is a multi-billion trans-national industry backed by a Tory government that peddles the tarsands to any foreign buyer who will bite - from Canadian diplomats in Washing-ton hustling the Keystone XL pipeline, to another upcoming visit to China by Harper and his corporate entourage. At the Enbridge Joint Review Panel hearings, 10 out of the 16 intervening oil companies have foreign-based head-quarters, for example America's Exxon Mobil, Britain's BP, France's Total E&P, and Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd. ( As reported in the news.