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Pluralism Studies: Ethnic Immigration

Immigration System Dept: In the same poll, however, Canadians showed little enthusiasm for increasing the number of immigrants to Canada. In their view, the current level of 250,000 newcomers a year should be maintained or even reduced. Pollster Nik Nanos explained the apparent contradiction -immigration is good but only in moderation -by saying that Canadians tend to be in favour of as many immigrants as there are jobs for them, according to Montreal Gazette. It is also likely to be detrimental to Canada's long-term goals, according to a new research paper by Jeffrey Reitz, University of Toronto professor of ethnic, immigration, and pluralism studies, part of a report this month from the Conference Board of Canada. But where the board's chief economist, Glen Hodgson, argues in favour of changing Canada's system to give more weight to selecting immigrants on their ability to fill Canada's immediate job needs, Reitz says the country's current approach works well over time and it's a miracle that as many as four in five Canadians support immigration, calling it a good thing for the country in a recent poll. For years we've been told our immigration system is dysfunctional: People arrive not knowing either official language; their qualifications don't match Canadian standards; the job vacancies they were brought in to fill have usually vanished in the years it took them to make it through the 800,000-application backlog. Getting that balance right -ensuring 1,000 Canadian engineering jobs are open at the precise time that a backlog of 1,000 South Asian engineers is cleared -is impossible. As reported in the news.
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