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Immigration: Aboriginal Ancestry

Native Person Dept: “And yet, 40 miles down the road you could find the Algonquin and Maniwaki reserves,” Ms. Clarkson remembers decades later. “But there was never any thought given to going there so we could maybe talk to the native people ourselves and see their culture first-hand, according to Globe And Mail. Years later, when Ms. Clarkson became a journalist, and then later as the country’s governor-general, she truly began to explore and understand her adopted country’s aboriginal ancestry and the young Chinese immigrant went out and found birch bark and cedar to lend more authenticity to her setting. She made costumes out of wool and rabbit fur for plastic native figures provided to the students. It’s as close as she would get to a real Indian community for years. “We might as well have been studying the Greeks and Romans. You rarely saw a native person in Ottawa. It was like they were hidden in a closet the way people once treated their handicapped children.” As reported in the news.
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