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Immigration Consultants: Immigration Canada Back Stories Dept: In China, however, manufacturing a personal history that will satisfy Immigration Canada is no problem for almost anyone willing to pay, according to Globe And Mail. And the image doctors appear to be good at what they do: Several claim to have a 100-per-cent success rate. “If you make a fake,” observed a consultant in the southern city of Guangzhou, “you should fake it real.” He has the required minimum of $1.6-million in assets. What he doesn’t have are the documents Canadian immigration officials want: neither banking and pay statements to show that his wealth has accumulated gradually and legitimately nor proof that he has paid taxes on it. He also doesn’t have the necessary two years’ experience in managing employees. To overcome his obstacles, the well-off quality-control officer approached 22 China-based immigration consultants for advice. He soon found that his destination is so popular for wealthy people like him that a black market has arisen to generate the forged documents and massaged back stories that so many seem to need. As reported in the news.
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